Case Management
Assisting clients in achieving approved goals such as: quality medical care. medications, Government assistance, adequate and affordable housing, nutritional meals and appropriate and necessary counseling.
Whether with land lords, rehabs or counseling, the legal system, treatment adherence, funeral arrangements, medical services, government assistance offices, utility companies, the is actually endless. We collaborate with over one hundred different agencies in a single year.

Food Voucher Program
We provide food vouchers, transportation, shopping trips to qualified clients to a local grocery store.

We provide clients with bus passes on a needed basis for medical appointments and other approved needs such as a job search. We also provide actual transportation to locations not accessible by public transportation or when ambulation is an issue.

This program would encompass visiting those in hospitals, nursing homes, personal care facilities, those homebound, or incarcerated.

Emergency Funding
This program is designed to prevent the termination of health sustaining services like: electricity, heat, water, or the ability to even dial 911. It also gives clients the ability to purchase a special article of clothing necessary for employment or an application fee for housing. We find from time to time clients might need a few dollars for a medication prescription. Emergency funding too has a long list of possibilities.

Bi-lingual Translation
TGP has staff that are both Spanish and English speaking to assist in communicating with Spanish speaking clients and to facilitate services with Spanish only organizations.